About the Artist

Wendell graduated with a degree in art from the University of Texas at Austin and spent the next 30 years writing and producing videos for some of the nation's leading corporate and educational institutions, including USF&G Insurance, The U.S. Postal Service, the State of Virginia, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Now, he's gone back to his artistic roots.  His college training was in printmaking, and he's pursuing a passion for creating wood block prints.  Much of his artistic subject matter comes from his other passions, hiking and backpacking.  The images you see in his work weren't taken from magazines and travel brochures.  They were collected on his own excursions into scenic Texas and other beautiful places.

He carves the original blocks by hand from various woods and from linoleum, depending on the needs of the particular image.  He then inks the blocks and pulls the prints, one at a time, by hand.  When the ink has dried, he titles, signs, and numbers the prints.  All his images are printed and matted on high quality art paper, insuring longevity and the best possible appearance.

Wendell lives in San Antonio with his wife, Diane, and Smudge the Cat.  The couple have two grown sons, Nicholas and Christopher. Both work in creative fields.
Original Prints for Discriminating Collectors
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Photograph by Virgil Johnson of Austin -- my lifelong friend and hiking buddy.  Thanks!